Posted by: Briar Rose | August 10, 2005


When I arrived in my friends’ shared appartment, we were all four of us pretty low. Steph and Kat agreed that a dip in the pool might help, but before I could even get my dress off, Marj called me from the other room. “Hey, Rose.”

I went in to see to her. She was sitting on her bed looking green-really green. I said, “What’s wrong?”


“What’s the matter with Elaine?”

“She’s gone.”

I said, “Gone, Gone where?”

“Home, I guess. All her things are missing. Her clothes. Her luggage. Everything.”

I said, “But, why? What happend?”

Marj said , “She was called out of her duty hours this morning. She didn’t come back. I guess she saw the CN.”

“Oh, no! You mean she’s been fired?”

Marj nodded miserably.

It seemed impossible. And yet, in a way, it made sense. Elaine was a sweet, gentle kid; but once or twice I’d wondered whether she was tough enough to take the kind of life we’re heading for. She was just too gentle, too soft.

Weird. She didn’t said a word to any of us.


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