Posted by: Briar Rose | October 9, 2006

A Defining Moment In My Life.

Breed or No Breed?

One of my upbeat defining moments was in third grade. I thought street cats and dogs were filthy but then, that might be because the only ones I saw were stray cats and dogs that always seemed to gravitate towards garbage dumps.

Then the day came when the latest addition to our brood of expensive cats and dogs arrived unexpectedly. It was my Father who brought home an old skinny “askal.” It was so impossible for me to care of that poor dog. Why would I settle for anything less?

Then one stormy night, the askal took shelter in our garage. The poor old dog must have felt that he’s not “welcome” in our home and deemed unlikable. But with just a blink of an eye when I saw him, my heart cried and suddenly I came into a realization that it doesn’t matter if an animal has a “breed” or how “expensive” one can be. We should respect them – love them. They don’t demand extra care in fact, a minimal amount of care will do. We are stewards of these animals (with “breed” or without “breed”). They are our companions; we should care for them.

My Father said, “You see, a glimpse into that “askal’s” life quickens even your own and that will make your life so much larger and better in every way.” And, it is true. It opened my soul into a greater sense of wisdom.

I promised myself he would have the best care and nutrition. I treated him the very same way I treated all the other “expensive” dogs. Equal care, equal love. They deserve to live, just as humans do.

He has been a faithful friend of mine.

“When will we reach the point that hunting, the pleasure of killing animals for sports and luxuries, will be regarded as mental aberration? When?”


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