Posted by: Briar Rose | October 24, 2006

Maleficently Bored

Did you ever had that feeling of wanting to do or say something , but then nothing comes out of you? It’s like I wanted to kill myself. Errr…okay, maybe not kill myself. Kill someone else! Bwahaha! Today, time seems to move slower than how our fickle human mind can measure the passage of it. Hek Hek Hek See? I’m talking non-sense again probably because my brain is lacking of stimuli. I feel so sleepy and my mind is cloudy but I can neither sleep nor rest. I guessed, this is another inevitable suffering to endure.

A portrait of me right now:


Hell, Yeah. I look this close to Morticia A. Addams or to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark when I’m bored. “Rose, Princess of Darkness.” Waw! Sounds cool, eh? No more good girl today. I am feeling like I am clad in a Vampira-esque — very eccentric. I think, I am starting to be delighted in everything grotesque and macabre. In fact, I am now terrified by “normal” people, vise-versa.

* wears her elegant skin-tight, cleavage-enhancing black gown with octopus-like tendrils at the bottom *

There. I feel much comfortable. Hik!

Right at this point in time, your Princess of Darkness is starting to see bizarre people and creatures in her Empire house. The Maleficence is now her idol. Creepy crawlies…she’s loving it. Gee. She’s now concerned with spiders. “Pet spiders…” Brilliant idea! Does anyone know where can she buy a spider leash?

Hokay, speaking of freakazoids — there’s this creep I’m trying to live my life with — my brother, who is a self-proclaimed “Pornstar.” But, through my eyes, he’s more than a male-bitch now, He’s Pugsley. Wilson is Pugsley. Pugsley is Wilson. Repeat it to yourself until it fades. Nyahaha Then, there is Paola, our sister, a quiet, somewhat pathetic child, full of woe. She is a morbid but fascinating creature who’s trying to physically harm or possibly murder our brother (because I last seen her strapping our male-bitch into an electric chair, and preparing to switch it on). She is apparently often successful, but Wilson never dies. Wehehe

Later, guys! We’re just going to construct a cute Guillotine here. Want to be our guest? PM me.


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