Posted by: Briar Rose | November 1, 2006

Am I Being Haunted?

The rest of the family left for Bataan yesterday and Wilson went out with his friends early this morning so, I was home alone. Same routine — went to work, came home and took a deep sleep. At around 6:00 pm I went down to Wilson’s room to check on him, opened the door and there were few stuffs scattered all over. I didn’t think much of it and left it at that. Later that night after I took a lukewarm bath when I heard noises, as if somebody is walking outside the bathroom — I just ignored it.

Meanwhile, I turned the lights off because the tv is big enough to lit the whole room and decided to watch Prison Break; and as I was lying comfortably, lights would go on and off! I was like, “wtf”. Suddenly, I heard foot steps so, I got up fast and ran to the door to see if anyone did that but there was no one there. Wilson’s not at home yet. Strange. Then, I heard a door opened up and slamed really hard! I was really totally scared! Well, not that long. But, it really got deep into my skin.

Lesson: I’ll never let myself be alone again! Ever! That’s for sure. Maybe, I’ll ask a friend to stay around with me next time.


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