Posted by: Briar Rose | November 17, 2006


He got my hands... And my eyes, too...

He got my hands…and my eyes, too…


My Dad knew how much I wanted to have a big black puppy. Within days of my wish, he finally succumbed to my overwhelming desire of having a rottweiler. Now, they’re a bit worried of how I may be able to take care of two (2) funny golden retrievers, one (1) fast-growing baby Rottweiler, eight (8) obese goldfishes, eight (8) or sometimes ten (10) mushrooming pusakals who happens to eat Eukanuba (.heh) and, one (1) adopted old askal. I just said to them that, “I can.” End of discussions.

Yano is the nick name already given to him by his former owner (his dad’s name is Yankee). I looked at his paper and man, ang haba ng real name niya (lol). Cuuuttee. We easily got along very well. We clicked together. Black as midnight, with mahogany (.heh). The demarcation between his black and mahogany is clearly defined; markings are on the right locations; and he’s got bigger frame and heavier bones (.heh). Rottweilers are a kind of a more demanding breed than let’s us say, labs etc — meaning, I needed to give it a double care. I’ll be sending Yano to an Obedience School for Dogs when he turns 3 or 4 years old.



  1. lol sis, ang laki masyado para sa iyo. 2 months? halimaw na eh.

    san mo balak isiksik yan? sbagay malaki naman bahay nyo…

    good luck. pa-reserve na ng isang pup ha?

  2. Hello, Mahilig ka pala sa puppy ^^Good Luck and God Bless nalang po sa inyo Rose…Be Happy and take care always…i just remember noong elementary palang ako meron kami aso pag pumupunta kami sa farm nag bubuhat xa ng mga kahoy para panggatong naka eto side by side ng katawan niya, but sad to say biglang nawala nlang xa at nalaman nalng namin na meron nag iinuman sa kapitbahay namin at ginawang pulutan ung pinaka mamahal kung aso. T_T. take good care of you puppy ^^ we miss u sana bumalik kana

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