Posted by: Briar Rose | November 26, 2006

You’re Only Young Once

My sister will be turning 18 years old on the 30th day of November. A formal celebration will be held at the Manila Hotel on sunday, December 3, 2006.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, sweet girl, she was our wonder baby. She was my wonder baby. When she turned one year old, she stood 32 inches tall. Her head was big and round with tufts of hair, and her eyes were cute and sparkling with curiosity. She held that sweet round head high, her shoulders always back, her proud chest thrust out to meet the world. She marched through life, on two steady feet, belly-forward. She was as self-assured as a much older child, and yet, she still my baby.


Now, I looked at her and I was astounded: she’s turning into a young woman. She’s growing. She’s becoming herself, ever more herself. As I looked at her today, I saw – and thrilled and wept for seeing – that she is rapidly becoming a young woman.

I know, too, that we will share many tears. We will share pain. I’m certain that there will be misunderstandings, resentments, confusion between us. I’m certain that there will be many, many times that she will feel such a great distance from me – and I from her – that the fact of our closeness, the fact of the bond of flesh and blood and heart between us, will be forgotten, lost somewhere over the horizon of the space between us, sisters.

I don’t know what will happen after her eighteenth birthday. I don’t know, yet, the stages that she will go through. I know that there will be much joy, much laughter, trials and many smiles. I know that there will be much love, and many hugs. I know that we will share all of these things, in spades, until the end of time.

Happy 18th Birthday!

Hoy! I’m thinking about buying you a greeting card but birthday cards are fvcking expensive (kuripot?). The cost of cards each year gets worse. Kaya, I just made a page for you here to save myself from spending cash. (.heh)



  1. Whoa! Please send my regard to pao pao

    happy happy 18th birthday to her, kamo…

    next school year na gift ko wehehehe

    tight budget eh.

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