Posted by: Briar Rose | November 29, 2006


Rose's Full Side Swept Bangs

Finally, umayos na ang bangs ko. Dati kasi may sarili siyang mundo ( hehe ). Thank God, it doesn’t look weird anymore. These bangs are long fringes that are angled down the side of my face, basically swept to the side, off of my face. It’s probably one of the more popular type of bangs that are worn today by women so, nakikiuso lang naman po ako. hekhek

Let’s see what else do I have here…

1. About a co-worker

Whenever he passes by and sees me along the way, he would call my name ( yes, even if I’m attending to some patients or patients’ relatives or just talking to some people) just to ask the time of the day and I would normally answer back. The problem is, he’s been consistently doing this for over a year now. No kidding. He’s making me his personal talking clock when it’s impossible that he doesn’t have a watch of his own and besides there were clocks placed on some of the walls of each area. Plus, nakakaistorbo din. It’s obviously habitual, so this morning…

Him: Rose!

Me: uy…

Him: ( pointing at his wrist ) Anong o ( he meant, “anong oras na?” )

( I cut him short.. )

Rose: Oras na para bumili ka ng relos…

( then I put on a killer grin on my face )

Nakukulitan na kasi ako. tsk. Bigay ko nalang kaya sa kanya relos ko? (.heh)

2. About a certain thread of a certain forum (.heh)

Muffin?It’s just about what “pet name/s” do you use to call your bf/gf, then there’s this member who replied that he calls his gf, “Muffin” ( wehehe ). Dude, you got to be kidding, right? Wala lang, don’t mind me, natawa lang kami ni Wilson ( lmao ). “Oh, how do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man. Oh, how do you know the muffin man, that lives in Drury lane.” tra la la la…

3. About a certain someone

Let’s not elaborate as to who this person is. Err.



  1. Hello Little Miss MUFFIN! ahehe you know what? i’m tryin’ my best to think of a new and contrasting username for my soon-to-be gmail account and you–YOU bratty little girl just gave me an idea! MUFFINMAN? sounds like a nice guy when in fact i am not. you are the woman! i’m not worthy! *praise be thy rose*

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