Posted by: Briar Rose | December 8, 2006

Once Shaking Like A Leaf On An Aspen Tree

I remember vividly, when I’m still a vulnerable little girl, there was this certain someone who was always grinning at me like an idot. A professional-junkie ¯\(º_o)/¯ who always had her head hanging out, grinning and laughing at me like I have a dirty story tattooed all over my face, waiting for me to perpetrate a crime.

This morning, life showed me (or make that “us”), that it moves on a complete range of motion — sometimes you’re in, most of the time you’re out. I was kind of high in the air. Formidable yet full of grace. The “junkie” went pale when she saw me. No grin from her this time, oh, no. I just said a sarcastic “Hi,” then I put on my fake sweet smile.

Rose On Top Rose On Top Rose On Top

Between us I was about fifteen feet taller than she was, and if she’d given me the slightest provocation, I could have beaten her brains out on the spot. I’m no longer her comic character who’s being kept out of harm’s way. I’m a Lady with Dignity — an archaic she once had. I had a few seconds to think about this as my precious legs vacuumed me away from her sight. It was almost incredible. I’d come from the garbage cans — when? Only a few hours ago. Rose, the rotten tomato. Yeah. And here I was, sophisticatedly dressed, smelling like a soothing chamomile, ready to save lives and feeling like a dream — a dream which came true. It was glorious. I felt as if there were a rainbow around my soul.

Poor junkie gets a taste of my naiveté revenge.

Shake, Rattle and Role 8 ¯\(º_o)/¯ is currently arousing my attention. May pirated-dvd version na ba nito? If so, kindly tell me where can I get my hands on that! asap (lol). Is this already out? I rarely watch local movies so, pardon my ignorance. I want to see it. Puhleeez.


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