Posted by: Briar Rose | December 10, 2006


My mind is filled with nothing but pure Fantasy.

Here, I’m currently fantasizing a dish full of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, a Mochawhip on my left hand, an ice-cold Mountain Dew on my right, a bag of Cheetos by my side and, a Delafee on my other side while having a Grey’s Anatomy and My Name is Earl Marathon.

Laughing Out Loud

I’m sad, because, it’s all just a fantasy for now–but not anymore! I’ll immediately indulge myself into that kind of situation as soon as I got out of work tomorrow. Fantasy-No-More!


Forgive me for I don’t feel like writting anything sensible right now (as if), all I want is to just pig-out during the long cold night! *Oinkness*



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