Posted by: Briar Rose | December 12, 2006

The Story of Cindy: The End.

I wasn’t smiling at all. Cindy had gone into a massive rejection, and within an hour, she had slipped into a coma. I stayed with her and emerged from her room only to speak to her mother, and at last, the sorrowing woman was allowed to join us at Cindy’s side. There was no reason not to, I thought. The fear of injection no longer mattered, and at one o’clock this afteernoon, Cindy died without ever regaining consciousnes to see her mother or the other doctors she had so greatly trusted. Her mother left the room in bereft silence, with tears pouring down her cheeks. Cindy’s war was over.

“I’m sorry…” Were the only words we’re able to whisper. I just stared out into the nothingness and felt the sorrow in my soul for what we hadn’t been able to do this time. Maybe next time…and another patient came into my mind. Next time. There was nothing to do but try again. And something deep within me stirred at the prospect.

May Cindy rest in the infinite goodness and grace of our Lord.


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