Posted by: Briar Rose | December 23, 2006

When Reality Comes Crashing Down Your Christmas Eve

Warning: These are sad thoughts

On the car, listening to the beat of the music, a christmas song started playing and beautiful things about christmas flashed into my mind but didn’t stayed long. My thoughts immediately dwelled on those people and animals on the streets. That while we hastily chew on our sweets, there are people and animals out there, in the cold, having nothing but leftovers to eat. These are the things that makes me dislike holidays and vacations. Now, I just don’t get it while some people think of Christmas as a sleigh ride in the cold, a tree that glistens of tinsel and decorations of silver and gold when in reality, Christmas aggrandizes the divide betwen the higher, middle, deprived and the neglected classes. So sad, but so true.I hate to believe in that reality.


Rant: Me and my sister’s supposed-to-be first Star City (yeah i know, it’s corny but we haven’t been there) experience was adjourned by my Dad. That’s it. Tsk. “You heard me, young ladies. Go to your rooms.”


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