Posted by: Briar Rose | December 24, 2006

Celebrating The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas Eve Thoughts

God’s meaning when He said, “He must be born again and become a little child, that will enter into the kingdom of heaven” is far deeper than is generally believed. It is not only in a careless reliance upon divine providence that we are to become little children, or in the feebleness and shortness of our anger, and simplicity of our passions; but in the peace and purity of all our soul. Which purity also is a deeper thing than is commonly apprehended; for we must disrobe ourselves of all false colors, and unclothe our souls of evil habits; all our thoughts must be infant-like and clear, the power of our souls free fromt he leaven of this world, and disentangled from men’s conceits and customs. Grit in the eye or yellow jaundice will not let man see those object truly that are before it. And therefore it is quite requisite that we should be as very strangers to thoughts, customs and opinions of men in this world, as if were but little children.


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