Posted by: Briar Rose | January 4, 2007


I went to work with nothing on my mind. I’d no sooner entered the Operating Room’s door that Lindsay leaped off from her chair and pointed a finger at me and howled, “You! You! Rose, I ought to poke you right in the eye.

I looked at her in stupefaction. “What have I done now?” She doubled up with laughter. She was so hysterical she couldn’t say a word. I said, “Lindsay, what’s the matter?

Oh, God,” she said, and wiped two large tears out of her eyes. “Oh, Rose. Boy! I have to hit you.

What on Earth are you talking about?

Your f-r-i-e-n-d!

You mean Dr. B? The Psychiatrist? What about him?” Clompety-clomp went my heart. Clompety-clomp.

She said, “Don’t you remember? You lying bitch. You told me at coffee break yesterday I’d have to take off all my clothes, and put on a OR gown, and lie on a leather couch, and tell him all about my lovelife—

Marge hooted; and I couldn’t help myself, I began to giggle. And I mean, I giggled a lot.

Lindsay said, “Goddammit, Rose, I believe every word. I went there at five-fifteen expecting it all.

I said, “What happened?”

Hell, he sat in an armchair, and I sat in an armchair, and we smoked a couple of cigarettes, and talked about swimming, and that was just about that. My God, it was like going to the dentist and have him tell you, you don’t have any cavities.

Tears poured down my face as I was laughing hysterically. She took in the entire gag I pulled. I told her she’d have to take off all her clothes, and crawl into this horrible OR gown and gaped all over the place, and lie down on the couch. It was absolutely lewd.

Brian is a real gentleman. He must have been so amused. I’ll wait for his call, I’m sure, my girls made his eyes popped out. BWAHAHA~


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