Posted by: Briar Rose | January 16, 2007

My Head Hates Noise Pollution

There was excruciating noise everywhere!
Everybody was noisy. Everyone was noisy.
GAHD! My cranial nerves were pounding heavily as if my skull was a ticking time bomb!

I was instructing my assistant what sterile things to sail in and out of the Operating Room. After a few minutes, the room became noisy. And, I mean, VERY NOISY. Marj’s voice became thundery than ever. I was wondering if I should pay her a little friendly call and tell her in my own sweet gentle way to quite down, but I felt I didn’t have the right to interfere because she was having good time with a crowd of her buddies, it might seem me to lose face.

So, I didn’t trust myself to go near them again. As I walked in and out of the Operating Room, they looked as if they were all grinning at me – you’d think I was tattooed all over with dirty stories when in reality, their merciless voice was hammering my precious head over and over again. I wanted to slap their big ears back!

After all her disciples had left. The whole Operating Room was like an elevator whose doors had just slipped together as if they were made of silk. Finally, there wasn’t any slightest vibration and it was quite as the grave. And, finally, I was living in a noiseless vacuum again that prevented my brain cells from evacuating out of my own head. GEEZ. Thank God.


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