Posted by: Briar Rose | January 24, 2007

Five Inch Nails

*Pffft* Did death let it rip? I must have some five inch nails so I can nail that creature! It’ll keep that creature aware of what’s keeping my poor friend enthralled to be in her orbit. She’s sharp enough to leave wounds – deep festering wounds. Pffft. I better not even utter a word about it, I still have a strong life preservation instinct!

*Gosh*Speaking of assholes, damn this second creature! He made a privilege speech yesterday at the Senate and he made my *hmm* infamous! Tsk. Tumaas tuloy ang blood pressure niya last night dahil sa sobrang daming tumatawag na tao sa bahay. Even the media asked for an interview. Sabi ko, umabsent muna siya at magpahinga and leave it to me! Bwahaha

*Gosh*You guys know anyone who’s stupid enough to leave the car keys inside the car? Hahaha. Happened to my co-worker. Can’t help laughing. So fuckin’ stupid. So what she did, she asked the manongs to open the door. And, after an hour or so, they managed to open it. Then they asked my friend to pay 500! Hahaha. Eh, my friend’s such a miser so she bargained – she paid 200. Hahah.

I’ll be right back! I’m going to write something I have learned from my work this morning.


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