Posted by: Briar Rose | April 17, 2007

Evil Hobby

It has been a looonnnngggng while since I last updated my diary and now I feel like telling a bit of a story – the story of how my sister and me became the Evil Pair. Well, it’s sort of a long story but here goes a little bit… I remember when we were much younger, we like to haunt our little cousins and give them a little scare. We…err make that…I, personally, don’t like little kids at home. Okay, I/we give an exception to our favorite cousins.

My sister and me would sneak out late at night in greusome masks and stare into the kids’ windows. Sometimes we leave bloody rubber hands and chopped rubber fingers on windowsills. Sometimes we hide disgusting things in their school bags and slippers.

We used to duck down behind bushes or trees and make the most frightening sounds – animal howls and ghostly moans. Paola can do the most terrifying werewolf howl. And I can toss back my head and shriek loud enough to shake the leaves on the trees.

We keep almost all the unwanted visiting kiddy cousins on our house pretty frightened.

In the mornings, we catch them peeking out their bedroom doors, seeing if it’s safe to come out. And at night, most of them are afraid to be left alone.

Paola and I are really proud of that.

During the day, we are just Rose and Paola, two normal young, good-natured, friendly, law-abiding teenager school girls. But lo and behold, when darkness falls, we become the tyrannical Evil Pair.

No one knows. No one…

Looking at us, you’ll see two angel-like girls hanging out together eating peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and playing Barbi Dolls.

We’re normal. Totally normal…

Except for our late-night evil hobby. Hihi GG



  1. naniniwala ako dyan you’re an angel outside but a devil inside /gg /gg /gg pro…mabait k naman /pish /heh

  2. Hi 🙂 I’m from poland…
    Very nice and funny history… 😀
    Congratulations for conception… 🙂
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