Posted by: Briar Rose | May 19, 2007


It’s a very male-chauvinist word and I do understand why women resent it deeply. A person who’s a b*tch would seem to be mean for no reason. I’m not a mean person. Maybe I’m rude without being aware of it – that’s possible!

Predatory Bitch

Yeah. Truth be told, an epitome of a predatory b*tch. Vindictive.

Many people think that I’m like a brutal Camp Commander with busty minions wreaking havoc on a bevy of male and female prisoners. A She-Wolf? Maybe. A woman who posses a certain biological characteristics that makes me more resistant to pain then men. I test out my own theories and the sets of trials are excruciating. Believe me. I test the effects of high pressure, boiling temperatures, and diseases on the female prisoners. Down in the basement, my two sexay blonde goons strip down to the waist in order to administer severe beatings to selected troublemakers. There’s a lot more I could detail, but believe it or not these are the least offensive scenes in my everyday routine.

Hell yeah, I’m a sick, sick stuff.

What won’t find resolution is your utter disgust with me. A gallon of mouthwash won’t remove the bad taste I leave behind. A ghastly female abomination that repulses more than it exhilarates. I pull up my role as a b*tch with ease, coming across as a heartless, cold monster without an ounce of remorse in my bones.

Any problem with that?

Go away.


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