Posted by: Briar Rose | May 26, 2007


Frankly, I am surprised that many people I meet on the net are religious. Maybe because of my personal beliefs, I made the wrong assumptions. It’s just that for me, the conglomeration of my learnings since grade school points me in another direction…different from those followed by my friends and family. Is it really freedom? I believe so. Or maybe I’m wrong? I don’t know.

I am surprised on how things turned out here…since before joining this forum, I was a member of mostly comic, political and, tech forums…a bunch of scientifically-inclined people. I thought discussions on religion and God would be unanimous — that the people who come in here would have less faith in their religions, what with being immersed in technology and all; of course, based on my assumptions. Well, I was wrong. I don’t question my beliefs though. But I still can’t reconcile my thoughts on why this is so. I guess religious roots dig deep.


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