Posted by: Briar Rose | June 3, 2007


Sealing the deal

Are we that old to start thinking about marriage?” blurted my partner-in-crime over steak and wine.

Hell no!” I quickly replied. “We are single and swinging!

She was bothered with the thought of couples “sealing the deal.” For instance, it was a shock to us that our girl friend will be tying a knot with her architect boyfriend for two years. The couple plans to hold the wedding reception in their own back yard — at their sprawling residence in South Forbes. I wished them well in the engagement party at Embassy Cuisine.


Then just early Sunday morning, I found out that another girl friend of mine is getting married to her councilor boyfriend. I can still remember when they met during an event — and I’m there! Then they became friends and the romance just blossomed. The wedding will be held at the Manila Cathedral and reception will follow at the Le Pavillion.

As for me — in the mean time, though I must admit that while I’m still enjoying the singles’ scene, I shall prepare for my killer night gown. Who knows, I might be the next one to seal the deal.



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