Posted by: Briar Rose | July 28, 2007

They Say Notoriety Had Spread All Over My System…

When it’s just that I’m only carrying a punch and using it…

And I carry it in everything I do. I let this punch, this force, this power and strength be visible. There’s an old-timer counselor in wordly wisdom suggested “the iron hand under the velvet glove.” The velvet glove calls for diplomacy, but diplomacy or no diplomacy, the iron hand must be always be there if the world is to know you have guts, but you must see to it that the world knows you have this quality.

I wish I could use the world like “courage” or “nerve” or “back-bone” instead of the vulgar word guts. But no goody goody word can take the the place of guts. It means something the other words don’t mean — it describes a quality that is so important in establishing your individuality and that it must be placed third on the list of your essentials!

And Guts it must be — nothing else. It has a brashness, a coarseness, a ruthlessness and an ignorance to it.

Learn from me. I accept hard and brutal knocks as my daily and necessary exercise. At an early age, I have learned to welcome viciousness because it’s toughening me, giving me better wind, a stronger heart and disposition in life.



  1. yeah true *nosebleed* XD
    no wonder you are like how probaldur community knows you uhm though when you were still at eosenclave, it felt na you were different. More gentle and kind… Im not saying you’ve changed, I still like the way you are but it’s a little different. You’re still a friend and will always be 😀

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