Posted by: Briar Rose | October 3, 2007

Hip Hop Kitty

My cat seems to have adopted a new fondness for “hip hop” music. I happened to notice it shortly after I had my home theater installed. I’m really enjoying having some calm and soothing background noise going while I’m at my room. I noticed that Junior B. seemed to be enjoying the ambient tunes of hip hop music. We started noticing her curled up next to speakers in my room or in front of the TV whenever we were tuned into hip hop music. She seems to be really fond of 50 Cent’s Just A Little Bit, In Da Club, Wanksta; and various Rap and R & B noises.

I’m not sure how this happened. Junior B. was raised on acoustic music, chick flick songs, and heavy doses of psychedelic love songs. Maybe she is just getting old or maybe she has finally found a genre that soothes her savage soul. Whatever it is she seems to anticipate and even expect it as part of her daily routine these days. I will put it on in the morning and she will curl up wherever it is being played and simply bliss out on it.

Cute little darling.


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