Posted by: Briar Rose | October 7, 2007

Symbols and Friends

Truth be told, I like it better when I was more private. When I only had acquaintances rather than friends.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful; I’ve learned a lot from my friends here. You know the cliché… knowing people through the Internet IS really much better than knowing them in person. We learn about people from the inside out.

This is when we deal with symbols.

We use our imagination to characterize people whose thoughts and words we read about. This stimulates our creativity; makes our mind create icons of those we meet. It is these icons, or symbols, that makes the experience unique.

It’s like reading a book on one hand, and watching a film adaptation on the other. Oftentimes, the film does not live up to the book – primarily because our imagination creates more vivid, more detailed settings for the story.

When we see something that’s not on the level of the symbols we created, we lose interest; and part of the spark that stirred our minds dies out.

Hence I am always apprehensive about transcending the boundaries of a virtual life.

I have created symbols about others, as I’m sure others have created symbols of me. Once we cross the line, and attempt to see the truth, one thing is bound to happen – the symbol will die out. It doesn’t matter if the person lives up to the created symbol or not; once we see reality’s rendition of the person, we stop creating a symbol; we stop imagining.

And maybe… this is the reason why many of us have lost that spark of creativity.



  1. But then again, knowing the truth is always a natural urge for everyone. The truth only stop imagination of the person lets it stop. But then again, maybe that’s we have artists and non-artists. Artists are those who stop at nothing with their imagination. But no matter how wild our imaginations can be, we must eventually face reality.

  2. yup yup MD. 🙂

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