Posted by: Briar Rose | October 13, 2007

Chinese – Filipino Relationship

Just a thought…

When I was younger I used to think that love conquers all, and racial differences between two people don’t matter when they’re in love. However, over time, my experiences, as well as my friends’ and relatives’, taught me that love isn’t enough. There are so many hurdles a couple should go through just to stay together, much more than couples of the same race go through. It’s hard enough keeping the relationship intact, but the added burden of differing cultures–sometimes couples just decide to give up to make things easier all around.

I personally think it is racism.

It is racism. It’s true culture is important but too often it is used a smokescreen for racism.

I’m not at all for it, and luckily, my parents aren’t that way, but a couple should understand that, in reality, love does not conquer all, much as it would be great that it does. And if they make it, well, good for them!



  1. Hi Rose! I saw your blog on Blogging To Fame! Just famed it and you. Good Luck! Wounderful Blog! Keep up the good work friend! Happy day! Greetings from Brazil. Renato de Trindade.

  2. Hey thanks so much, Renato. ^__^

  3. hi rose

    solid. =)

    Racism is a little harsh. For couples, I guess not having the same culture would mean less chances of having things in common…ie less chances of enjoying the same things.

    but if parents are involved then….racism…medyo cguro.

  4. hah! I totally agree. Ü harsh na kung harsh.

  5. hello rose. I agree that love conquers all, but we rarely stay in love for the whole duration of our relationship, much less our marriage. Its only fair to say that if we build a relationship based on culture its is much more apt to live longer, Ive learned that in all relationships -mainly in asian culture that its not about just two persons rather two families. I guess you would also like to see both families getting along in the future wouldn’t you?

  6. lucky for u that u’re parents are open-minded. i know parents want the best for their children, but when the reason they do not want someone for you is because he or she is not the same race as you, then i believe it’s racism. there’s nothing wrong in preferring your own race, but if they make ways to separate you and impose on what they want (like set you up with someone), it’s really unfair. for me, family matters, but does it have to come to a point wherein you have to choose between family and personal happiness?

  7. Hi. Here are my thoughts on Chinese and Filipino relationships.

  8. Hello. I am male. Pure Filipino. I had a Fil – Chinese girlfriend. We were happy, but there was always this seed of doubt and skepticism and the feeling that it won’t last. One day, bigla na lang bawal na lahat. Magkita, mag txt, call and everything.
    I am devastated. Still is now.

    • When you have this feeling that it won’t last, it will happen. How do you feel now?

  9. Hey :]
    I’ve been in a relationship with a chinese guy for 3 years, and we’re really happy. I’m not sure if this necessarily applies to everyone. But it might be because we’re american so our ethnic cultures aren’t really a huge factor. I’ve found that asians here just tend to group together, and although our individual ethnic cultures are pretty different, there’s a huge difference between asian and asian-american.
    But I’m not really sure where you are, so if you’re here in the US, I’d be kinda surprised that the chinese filipino thing is an issue. But maybe it is for some?

  10. hi! I am a Filipino girl with 1/8 chinese blood. But my family raised me to be filipino. I studied at a chinese school but i hate it when i feel that racism among my classmates. At that moment i told to myself that chinese are mean. Some are still, others are embracing filipino culture nowadays. But i have seen a filipino and a fil-chinese lovers some stay strong others dont. I believe that its not the tradition itself that matters but also the status of a person. they are some who are proud enough with themselves. That they want to marry rich kids. I dont think its the decision of the parents but also the person involve thinks that it must be done as well. you always have a choice. Poor filipino they thought that it will happen but sadly it was all trash. everything was a lie. They were playing the hearts of people. God will give them what they deserve. Shame on them.

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