Posted by: Briar Rose | October 29, 2007

Tuesday Morning

Okay, so I’ve been sitting here for two hours now half-attempting to make the perfect playlist.

Bedroom, chill, drive. and its driving me insane. I categorize everything in little lists for for momentary filing and I end up trashing it all because it doesn’t FLOW RIGHT.


Meanwhile, I found this topic in the forum which asks for suggestions on what to give her man (who almost have everything *daw*) for his birthday, I think, her budget, 3-10k.

I told her to get him an Insurance Policy, (LOL) with premiums paid already, or at least the first premium installment.

I would have said more but I’d be rude if i insist pa my suggestions, so might as well put it here just to get it out of my rusticating mind, so to speak.


So yeah, what to give someone who almost have everything? Though I don’t believe someone has everything already, because there’s always something lacking in our lives no matter how much we acquired, worldy goods or otherwise.

Hmmkay, so anyway.

1. Insurance Policy. As I’ve said, it’s practical. Considering that they’re married (?), they’ll probably need a contingency if something not-so-good happens to either both of them, right? More specifically, a life insurance plan.

2. Burial Spot. Yeah, the one’s in the cemetery. Burial lot. Haha! Is that what they call it? Well, not unless one of them wants to get cremated. a burial spot will be a great gift. At least, the celebrant wouldn’t worry too much anymore, in leaving huge debts behind when he’s dead. I’m pretty sure, the price of the burial lots today will be different and much more expensive by the time you’re already cold and not breathing. A very practical albeit morbid gift.

3. iPhone. Ihave no words for it, but i would want one too. Hehe! But I would be willing to spend for that, since it’s going to be a conjugal property, so that means I could use it too. Wahahaha.

Ugh. So far this is the less morbid of my suggestions, eh?

4. Well, give the 10,000 in cold cash, then tell him he’s free to go out drinking with his friends all night long. Of course, she can’t tag along. or, simply put. He has free disposal of the 10,000.

5. Give him the latest KamaSutra. If ever there’s such a thing. (LOL)



  1. Very realistic, Im sure any guy will want these… hehehe….

    Lizzie, You’ve been tagged!!! Make sure you do it! Thanks!

  2. catchy ate ha 😀

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