Posted by: Briar Rose | December 1, 2007

Old Farts, Young Tarts

Just some things to ponder on:

Pin-up Girl

When Anna Nicole Smith married an elderly oil billionaire, J. Howard Marshall, I was all for it. Why? The man was willing to pay for a trophy wife. To me, what is wrong with that? If he wants a bombshell, he has to pay for it. Unlike others, I didn’t looked down on the old man or the foxy woman. It was a perfect deal for both parties. The guy got his trophy wife, the woman got her millions.

So to the guys out there, if you are after a very very very beautiful, sexy, voluptuous woman, don’t think you hit the jackpot. Something’s gotta give. This is why most beautiful women are with rich guys. You attract what you consciously or subconsciously desire. I know men who are married to very beautiful, sophisticated women and yet complain that their women spend a lot of their money on clothes, shoes, hairdos, nail arts, LVs and jewelries. I was like… “duh!” Don’t fret that women are being materialistic if you are being shallow. That is nature’s way of balancing things out.

Tee hee.

But of course, nothing beats knowing you are loved as a person, not because of your beauty or riches. However, in reality, women attract the richest guy she can and men attract the most beautiful chick he can afford.



  1. I’m prone to agree. But for me a trophy wife is a different concept entirely. It doesn’t preclude a younger, attractive woman – but I wouldn’t be interested in showing off a woman simply because she was young or attractive.
    No, I would want to show her off because she deserved it and I had earned the right!

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