Posted by: Briar Rose | December 6, 2007

Simple Life

I stayed for much of the day at home. Smelling the pieces of fabric, the linens, the carpet. all of them reeking of the same smell that permeated much of my place — a mix of spices, of food, things that were here.

It has been an enjoyable time living after I gave up on my job.


I decided to go out and smell the air, feel the cool early afternoon breeze.

I grabbed my jacket (the thicker one because it’s cold out there at this time), got my eyeglasses (I didn’t wanna miss a single detail of what’s it like in the streets), and my trusty camera.

So off I went on my adventure.

I passed by the pool…see, that’s one thing I really wanted to do. To take a dip in the pool. Problem is, this place is too near my horizon — the sun could really burn you without you noticing it because the wind is cold. I didn’t want sunburns, so the only time I could go swimming would be at night. But nights are too cold. So I’m left pondering when I actually could fulfill my dream of taking a swim.

So anyway, I got out the front gate of our house, and began my journey.

Facing the street, I had a choice… If I go right, I’ll go straight to bright lights…to civilization, where there are shops and people.

The left road, on the other hand, has a fewer street lamps, and lots of trees.

So I went left, thinking this is supposed to be my escape from the reality of my monotonic life.

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife

I tried to read a book, and of course, I tried taking pictures, but it was a low-light condition — shutter speeds are slow and I’m supposed to hold my hand steady. I didn’t bring my tripod, so I just tried the best I could. I deleted the pictures later because I wasn’t satisfied. Besides, taking pictures was secondary only to taking a walk.

Here are some of the photos which I wasn’t able to delete. Hehe!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And so I went on.

There is a small lake surrounded by walkways, tables and benches where people come to picnic. A restaurant is also located nearby.

Got lost along the way…but I’d love to disappear another day into this unmanicured park where I can spend an unhurried day playing PSP games, reading a book, or just communing with nature.

6PM or so

I went back to my home.

And it made me realize a lot of things.

That I’m complicating too many things in my life. That if only I treated things as simply as they really are, then I wouldn’t have to think so much about so many things.

I realized that I needed that fresh air — a breather from the hassles and daily living.

I looked up and saw what I always thought to be awe-inspiring since my youth — a dark blue sky speckled with stars of different sizes and hues.

I wish life was as simple as it once was.


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