Posted by: Briar Rose | December 16, 2007

Fatass Wants a Seat

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I can’t stand when people are not aware of how much space they take up in this world. I was in World Trade Center early this afternoon and bought and ate and ate and ate yummy Snow Cones to death and there was a thin sliver of seat left for somebody to sit. I am a pretty voluptously sexy slim girl, and I figured I didn’t fit there. Imagine my amazement when some 500 pound lard ass decided that there was plenty of room for his fat ass to sit. As I watch him try to squeeze his blubber into the seat, I watched the two people to his sides as they were being crushed. You should have seen the look of discomfort in their faces.

It really is annoying when its rush hour and space is limited enough, and then this guy thats as big as a subway car decides to push his way in. Hello?! This isn’t the friggin’ whale scale. Get the fuck out!

That’s why I think that the turnstyles should have scales or some way of measuring your fat. This way the fatter you are the more you pay. This way maybe fatasses can do some more walking to exercise some of that lard off, and probably will have a little less cash in their pockets so they can’t eat as much food.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe they should have a way of testing your intelligence, before you can enter the place too.

*sighs in despair…*

Anyways, I am happy that first, I was able to get away from my morbid way of life and then second, I was also able to shamelessly indulge myself into the luxury of eating Snow Cones! I wanna taste Bahama Mama, Cantaloupe, Butterscotch, Fuzzy Navel, Strawberry Daiquiri and Pink Bubblegum sana but hindi available — okay lang because Strawberry, Blueberry, Rootbeer and Blue Bubblegum were able to feed my fantasies.


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