Hot Seat!

Who: Briar Rose: Burnt and Grilled!!
What: A weeklong of high-pressure question and answer event!
When: January 8, 2007 to January 12, 2007
Where: PRO Chaos Guild Forum Site

Here are the event’s stresses.
(Click here for the whole story.)

Belldandy-Sama: What personality or anything about you that you would want others to know and why?
Briar Rose: I have a Peter Pan Complex, I’m a Self-Absorbed Narcissistic B*tch, Semi-Anorexic, Semi-Histrionic, Extremely Dependent, Exceptionally Vain and A Slug. haha

Zhendreti: If Rose wasnt a nurse, what would she be?
Briar Rose: She would probably have become a Licensed Veterinarian.

Polgara: If you were allowed to reset your life table backwards up to a particular time in your life, what age will that be and why?
Briar Rose: No, I still wouldn’t undo my life. My mistakes and naiveties gave me unfiltered wisdom verified and magnified through my personal experiences.

Polgara: Did you like being in the guild Feminists? What can you say about the dynamics of being in an all-girl guild and being in a male-dominated one?
Briar Rose: Yes. An all-girl guild is relatively socially diverse, although not as diverse as being in a non-exclusive guild because your group is only restricted to the female species. It was our conviction that the girls should be given a broad and liberal emphasis despite being taunted as “chixilogs” and the likes. Haha Obviously, girls were so intent in their gossip sessions, spent a lot of time preening for the guys, but trying to make it look like they were ignoring them. Haha I have every reason to be happy.
Now, being in a male-dominated guild is a whole new thing. You’ll feel the “mix” of both sexes. The battle of the sexes. The guys remained a determining factor and yet, they were always too busy cracking dirty jokes that you can’t force yourself not to laugh at it. Anyways, in my case, all the boys I’ve met are very courteous and polite, that’s why, I don’t have any problems on dominating them. Hihi

Polgara: You have a strong personality. Do you tone it down in a relationship to make the guy feel superior and act the “dumb blonde” sometimes so that he will feel smarter than you? Do you still want to keep and voice out your own views on a subject even if they conflict with those of your guy’s?
Briar Rose: I can tone it down but I cannot pretend to act like a dummy. Acting like a “dumb blonde” so that he will feel smarter is somewhat stufid. I don’t want a W-I-M-P, a guy who shuts himself down and feel like he’s not heard, and are either wounded or seething inside. He has to speak up.
I have a domineering personality but I am NOT rabid and radical. I know when to hide my fangs and declaw myself and purr beside a man who can make a spectacle of himself, larger than life.

cham114: Why did you choose nursing as your career?
Briar Rose: From the time I was a little girl, all I can ever remember wanting to be was to be a nurse or a doctor, and besides, I can discuss hacking, internal organ exploration and, dismemberment over a gourmet meal in a way perfectly normal. haha

cham114: If you have a super power, what would it be and why?
Briar Rose: OMNISCIENCE. In that way, I could be the next best thing since the existence of GOD. BWAHAHA

cham114: What are your thoughts about life after death?
Briar Rose: Our knowledge about it might be true but still very uncertain. Its certainties are simply not logically demonstrable and verifiable. Basically, my thoughts about the “Afterlife” are composed of mélange of questions. Like, does it really exist or not? How do we know that it exists? Etc.

cham114: How do you see yourself five years from now?
Briar Rose: Well, well, well. In five years, I endeavor to have refined my career. In fact, this year, I have yet to make a critical choice, whether to embark on my Master’s Degree or take up Medicine. The important thing is that I will continue contributing my abilities in a challenging and rewarding environment. And, I should be married by then.

Kareshi: Kas may friend ako…Nakiapaghiwalay SIYA sa GF niya, ngayon, nung time na sila pa, she met this girl, napakagaan ng loob niya dun, nainlove siya. At sakto, nakiapg-break sa kanya yung GF niya kasi wala silang time sa isa’t-isa. Ngayon, gumawa siya ng galaw dun sa bagong girl na umaming mahal na rin siya. But, may natitira pa ring feelings for his EX. Ngayon sabi ko sa kanya magmove-on muna siya para di siya makasakit. Anu ba maipapayo niyo?
Briar Rose: ”You need time to heal between relationships…there is nothing cute about baggage… Deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationship. You should never look for someone to COMPLETE you…a relationship consists of two WHOLE individuals…look for someone complimentary…not supplementary.”

Grams: What’s with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?
Briar Rose: Devourable CUTENESS!!

SoulCollect: If ever you become a “guy” for one whole week, what will you do?
Briar Rose: I’d definitely scrutinize every inch of my body and everything else will follow.

Nina Ricci: Do you agree that women are more emotional than men? Why or why not?
Briar Rose: I think so. But the perception that women are more emotional than men is pretty widespread. In reality, as youngsters, boys and girls cry and is emotional about the same amount on the average. Of course, another common explanation is that, some societies encourage women (directly or indirectly) to be emotional while discouraging men from being one.

Toya: How would you define yourself?
Briar Rose: I am the master of my own fate. *bow*

Toya: Favorite book?
Briar Rose: As of now, I’m reading S. Rushdie’s Satanic Verses. It’s Unputdownable! Read it!

Sniper Angel: Whare are the first three things you do once you are in game?
Briar Rose: Sit demurely, look around innocently and then DESTROY HUMANITY! NYAHAHA

Sniper Angel: If you will represent a Midgard town in a beauty pageant, what would it be and why?
Briar Rose: I want it to be GLASTHEIM! But it’s not considered a city so, I’d pick LUTIE (city ba yun? ah basta, city siya!). I would love to represent LUTIE and let the audience feel the heavenly impact of elegant snowflakes that shines like iron filings in the beam of my light. (I would also love to represent Alberta and Payon. <- WAHAHA sinabi pa eh hindi naman tinatanong. haha)


<<JEK>>: Do you agree with pre marital sex? Why?
Briar Rose: NO. But it’s pretty widespread so, all I can say is that, it is still NOT advisable and bound to be controlled.


Angelo: What is the most striking about being the famous Rose Lacroix aka Briar Rose of Philippine Ragnarok Online?
Briar Rose: Mindfulness. My mind being full of awareness of my present moment made me an interesting personality, a person interested in life. I guessed, I posses this natural “key” that turns-on even the engine of other people’s lives. My living out my very own imaginations is living out the imaginations of so many other people. Sometimes, I do not judge, reflect, I do not even think. I am simply observing the moment in which I find myself. Moments are like a breath; the next breath replaces each breath. Like, being here with no other purpose than being awake and aware of that moment.

Angelo: What is in this forum site (PRO Chaos Guild Forum Site) that you like the most?
Briar Rose: The People. This forum will be nothing without them.

Angelo: What has been your most rewarding experience as a member of this forum site and being an online gamer?
Briar Rose:
Being An Online Gamer: Friendship and Happiness. Me, being an online gamer for a long time, have been rewarded with so many real friends. These people are a blessing to me that I cannot afford to be <word filtered!>. My online life cannot be happy without them. Like what Kahlil Gibran said, “In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
Being A PRO Chaos Guild’s Forum Site Member: Being a Hot Seat featured guest is definitely a rewarding experience to me. Sometimes, I am not sure what a wonderful people like the members here can see in an ordinary person like me. But whatever it is, I am thankful for it because it made my life happier than I ever dreamed of. Thank you.

Angelo: Is there anything in the world you would gladly trade your soul for?
Briar Rose: Why, yes! I will be utterly hypocrite if I am going to say, “no or none.” Hypothetically, I would gladly trade my soul for the following reasons:

  • A Sun is a Star and, a star is also bound to die. So, when the Sun dies, I would gladly trade my soul so that a new Sun could shine.
  • A Person. I would trade it so that someone could live, someone who can make an intense positive impact upon the whole of mankind…probably, World Peace. Who would that be? I do not know.
  • If His Holiness could tell me the true and complete story behind every secrets, every mysteries, every myths, fables, every people, every history, every magic, every everything etc. of this late great universe, why not?
  • Season. I would trade it for the creation of a unique “season” or time of the year. And, it should be named after me. Nyahaha
  • Har har har

Angelo: What are your fears? Do you scare easily?
Briar Rose: Performance anxiety and fear of the sea. (I forgot to mention in the interview that I am afraid with the Black Nazarene in Quiapo Church.)

Angelo: If you’re feeling down, what comforts you?
Briar Rose: Chocolates! Sinful decadence. Double-chocolate raspberry truffle puts me in the mood. I have two more means of refuge from the miseries of life – books and animals.

Angelo: Are you a jealous type of girlfriend?
Briar Rose: Yes. I am fairly jealous, just professional and healthy jealousy. Like, an ember that retains the fire of love but not the type that is resentful and fearful.

Angelo: How will you handle the situation if your man cheated on you and impregnated the other girl?
Briar Rose: If we are already married: I just cannot imagine how am I going to react. It can be a traumatic experience finding out that the person you trusted most has betrayed you.
Basically, I will try to save the marriage after his affair. I will give my rules and if he wanted to stay together, then he had to agree with them. Ultimatum.
First, the infidelity must be brought out into the open and the cheater must apologize and be repentant.
Secondly, there must be no further contact between the cheater and the other man/woman. I will be the one to handle the finances.
Thirdly, I have to forgive but I am not sure if I can forget that easily. One cannot easily forget something like that. Healing.
Fourth, I will make him aware that if it ever happens again, I am strong enough to leave him for good and it will only be a piece of cake for me to bring this issue legally.Lastly, both of us should seek counseling.

Angelo: In your own viewpoint, do you that think that men like it when girls are hard to get?
Briar Rose: Yes. It happens all the time. Some men think that the appeal and interest usually increase relative to the challenge involved. You see, if a girl were always available whenever he wanted, calls all the time, and slept with him after one night, a man would most likely lose interest quicker because the hunt is over. Game over.
Somehow, some women are puzzling and can leave a man intrigued. These scenarios are games and if it wasn’t, dating wouldn’t be as much fun.

Angelo: Being a woman of substance, do you think that men wouldn’t want to have a smart type of girl who can talk about all sorts of different topics? Do you think that it would strip away a girl’s femininity if she speaks intelligently? And why?
Briar Rose: Being intelligent explains why some smart girls feel the need to do the “dvmbing down.” It is true that beautiful and smart girls can sometimes intimidate a lot of guys.
Being bright can never strip away the essence of a woman. However, if a woman is too rabid and radical, it can certainly take away a man’s interests.
A girl can always listen to a guy’s explanation and engage him to talk about it. A girl should never ever make a man feel stufid. Ask him about himself. Get him talking about himself. Smart girls should know when and where to shut up.

Angelo: In your opinion, do you think that is possible to fall in love for someone you’ve only met through the Internet? Explain.
Briar Rose: If you’re asking if it’s possible, my answer would be, Yes. Why? Because, I believe that sometimes, love comes in the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected place under the most unexpected circumstances with the most unexpected person. I mean, who are we not to fall in love? Right?
Only, it’s kinda risky, sometimes dangerous. Pero, if you’re lucky enough to have fallen to a person who doesn’t claim to be something they’re not and would agree to get real (meet up) then, swerte ka. Take it slowly & see where it leads.
Indeed, there’s few happy love stories that started on the Net and ended up getting married, but remember, there were even more horror stories, too.

Angelo: Meron ka pa rin bang curfew or restriction hanggang ngayon or malaya mo ng nagagawa gusto mo maski nakatira ka pa rin sa magulang mo?
Briar Rose: Meron pa rin. At kahit wala, gagawa pa rin ako ng sarili kong limitasyon. Syempre, bilang respeto ‘yon sa mga magulang ko. Ayaw ko ng basta nalang akong uuwi o aalis, kung kailan ko gusto. Sa tingin ko, hindi maganda ‘yon, ewan ko lang sa palagay ng iba, ha?
Isa pa, hindi ako pala-lakwacha, tamad na tamad kasi ako maglala-lakad, ayaw ko rin lumaki ang binti ko. Wahaha Eh di, mag internet nalang ako sa bahay. Nyahaha.


Thank You So Much Everyone!

This has been another tipping point in my life. Our lives hold so many simple blessings, each day bringing its own individual wonder. This whole week of being a featured guest here is definitely no exception for me. My life may not be that interesting but I hope that some of you have learned something good from me through this thread. I can never pay all of you in gratitude alone, perhaps I can only pay “in kind” somewhere else in life…Thank ya.

I would like to say thank you to the following people:

  • Polgara and cham114
  • Hikaru Mithcristien, for starting this thing here.
  • Dave Shaqol
  • blu-ice
  • staple
  • sir-evincar
  • Belledandy-sama
  • Zhendreti
  • Pepperghost
  • tambay_kiko
  • abbhie
  • DeewaH
  • GMAN17
  • Gramsie
  • Kareshi
  • toya~
  • SniperAngel
  • alphanumeric
  • yaoi_fangirl
  • SoulCollect
  • Nina Ricci
  • hmm..ewan
  • Angelo
  • <<Jek>>
  • Zyco
  • Of course, Eos Enclave Guild
  • And, to all those who voted for me (all of you have yet to feel my wrath! Bwahaha!), interviewers, curious cats, readers, spammers…To everyone else…Thank you for giving me an ample amount of your time.
  • happy.gif

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