Timeless Rose

Dear readers,

I can only take a little credit for the words that follow this introduction. They are the accumulation of the life’s work of a thousand smiths, mages, archers, bards, knights, assassins, clerics, and some more. I, I am merely an editor — a fortunate acolyte who has been lucky enough to live for a little while in the Ivy Halls of Valkyrie and tend to the books of the greatest library Ragnarok has ever known – Chaos. If knowledge is power, then Chaos holds more energy than anyone can ever hope to hold. Each bookcase, each volume, each page holds a piece of the secret of our existence.

I have read more than most, and I am still unable to contain a mere fraction of the knowledge that is kept safe within Chaos’ walls. I still haven’t had a clue as to what arcane force could be responsible for such a perfect collection of lore and drama. No matter how many of the books I read, the secret of Chaos is hidden before me. I suspect I will never know who is responsible for its creation. I am barely able to tell you how I came to be here in the first place. Although if you are reading this piece, I suspect you may know something about the different people who shaped the course of life and nature in Chaos. I wonder, if I had known the fate that awaited me, would I still have gone to visit the Oracle of the Sun God in Payon? Would I have followed King Tristan’s counsel to seek the Fallen? These questions do little to help ease the burden that has been placed on my shoulders.

But it does you little good, dear reader, to read the ramblings of a Timeless Rose — an acolyte destined to live out of her days in the Ivy Halls of Valkyrie. Honestly, I can think of far worse fates I could have destined for — if destiny is something you are inclined to believe in. I do not put much stock in that sort of nonsense, never did. Still, I wish I could have seen my mortal friends one last time…fate is the balm that eases complacency.

That having been said, I hope you find these writings to be helpful in knowing the different powerful people that once and still roam the world. And do not be surprised if you find a few surprises about them that I did not mentioned. After all, what would be the fun in exploring if you did not get to discover something about them for yourself?

~ Rose Lacroix (Also known as Briar Rose, Rose Le Chateau and Tiffany Dis Alighieri)


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