Amour Après Guerre

Love After War
Witnes The Story Behind Eos Enclave
By Rose Lacroix also known as Briar Rose and Rose Le Chateau

Author’s note

I was persistent to write this story; keeping it even while our guild was on the verge of its terrible collapse. After I have gathered all of my men, I am sure that we are about to start a new beginning. By this point, I am determined to turn all my energy to write this figurative and metaphorical type of telling our own story. It was told in the third person narration. This is my way to use words to make imaginative connections in the reader’s “inner eye.” These connections can be called images. All the people we have come across can easily learn to recognize what was hidden behind. However, other readers should be aware that other things, beings and events were used to represent another to avoid further trouble with other people. Thank you.

A nebulous celestial body as old as the oldest universe had been born in a vast cloud of ice, rocks, dust and, gas just right after the epic battle between Gods, Humans, and Demons.

Two Deities sprung together and stood still. They hold both sides of the pendulum. Freezing in Their sorrow and melting in Their delight. Hers is blood of two people forged by anguish and yet breathing with so much beauty. She is a naked flame acting as water. Within Him is a bloodline of rarity. A memento of peerless individuality. A blood which contains great virtues: love, principle, excellence, courage and truth.

Together, they gathered all the scattered remnants of war and formed it again hoping to make a new life — a better life. They began by molding it silently through the emptiness of space then, they let it be carried around on a distant sun and halfway to the nearest star again. The process was like a journey lasting for so many thousand years from beginning to end.

After a hundred years of solitude, a nucleus was formed. It contained the conglomeration of the past. The visions and dreams were enclosed inside it. The thing was hurled through the thin air by the joined hands of the Deities. They whirled it past though the sun and swung it around on its own path beyond the outer reaches of the solar system and, when the radiation reached its nucleus, a metamorphosis took place. The dull and lifeless nucleus became a thing of so much beauty. An Orb.

As it began to abosorb the magnitude of the tragedy, the ravages of war and, the infinite love that is left flowing; a long stick-like thing was formed and it slowly grew into an enormous luminuos sleek Cross that appeared to be slightly slanting and it stretched out in the middle of the Orb.

Through this magnificent Cross, every people will be reminded that this is a mint that gallows their anguish, the amount of execution they have been through and, the fact that they have endured the depths of ugliness and humiliation. To wear this symbol is to absorb the tremendous cost of love and the spirit of friendship that was left.

The Deities let a young comet passed the newly formed Orb. Each time the comet passed, the Orb lost more of its icy particles and its darkness slowly dimished. As it plunged into the atmosphere, it absorbed the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light. The orb released a kinetic energy. Out of the gigantic volume of vaporized energy, She created a brilliant lavender warmth which began to break into fragments. Seconds later, the fragments became a purple luminescence, making the Orb a blinding Purple fireball — royal and rare. After a while, He started to chant a hymm as an exaltation to the power of the wounded people who survived and the strength of their endurance against the harsh existence in Chaos. Then, She kissed it sweetly.

Other Holy Divinities joined and agreed that this Orb would not be allowed a slow, cold death far out in the blackness of space. The young Orb knew that within a few short minutes, Life would begin. With joined hands, they let the Orb to plunged deep into Chaos’ atmosphere at an incalculable speed per hour on a forty-five degree angle, its speed ever-increasing. The Orb created a shock as the gravitational pull veered off its billion-ton mass on a collision course with Chaos’ atmosphere. The Orb began to break into an atomic fragments due to the friction from its great speed.

Not later, particles were scattered all over Chaos, into every town. Even the smallest spectacle retained the same power which had belonged to the whole Orb. Each of the tiny pieces tried to look for a person worthy of its bloodline. Unfortunately, only a few of them found a person worthy of it. The particles wasted no time and flew into their chosen one’s heart and it stucked there unknown to the person. And, from that moment, each chosen individual saw and felt everything that had transpired right from the beginning.

All of them — young and old are called upon by the Divinities to gather at the heart of a deserted field near the town of Prontera. There were smiths and merchants who sailed on a massive ship from Aldebaran; mystical weilders traveled from the magical City of Geffen; brave sword bearers and clerics started their long tedious pilgrimage; the bold and stalwart archers marched through the densely wooded forests of Payon; young enigmatic thieves and assasins drived their way through the unfriendly desserts of Morroc.

The injured survivors of the war were summoned at the area. As soon as the last person came at the secret place, lightning and thunder appeared overhead. There, they chanted hymms until the Oracle let the Divinites appeared in a phantom-like apparition.

The Oracle made it clear to them that there will be heartaches, dangers, sacrifices and joys on their new life. Each one was given a chance to decide. Many declined and was spawned back to their original place.

Alas! There were only a few who were bold and brave enough to let themselves be engulfed by the bloodline and legacy. Those were the people who knew that they can endure the impact of fiery rocks and the ones who knew the breadth of brotherhood and oneness.

The Divinities welcomed them into their new lives. Men and women from formed in a great circle and instituted a Guild which they named Eos Enclave.

To utter its Name means Truth;
To be With them means Love;
To wear its emblem means Valor and;
To Die with it means Life Everlasting.

After a series of ceremony took place, the Divinities thanked them and gave them wisdom and a valiant heart. A clasp of roaring thunder ended the ceremony and the Divinities vanished into the thin air.

Now, everywhere they turn to, begins a new beginning. As the Guildsman walked out into the marbled halls, the legacy unfolds…

Who can say where the road goes,
when the day flows and,
why their heart sighs?
Only time…


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